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Thread: New Player Dimension items Question

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    Default New Player Dimension items Question

    Hi all, as title says new player with a question about dimension items.

    Ive been playing for a couple of weeks now and Ive been picking up different items for dimensions. I dont have an plans to use them (sadly I havent got an artistic bone in my body) and was wondering how do I tell if they are worth anything? Ive Tried to sell them on the AH but I dont know what they are worth. The few Ive gotten and seen someone else trying to sell are for 2-5 plat. When I put mine on the AH for a little less they never sell from which I can conclude either the price is way to high or no one is buying. Tried googling prices but didnt find anything, is there anyplace I can go to find out if the items I find are worth selling and for how much?

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    You can try the database here at Dimension Addicts. Without knowing what you're getting, it's hard to say how much you might get for those items. Some of the drops are pretty limited use things except for the super creative types that turn a Sobek bed into a masterpiece.

    Best suggestion is to lower the prices on the things you're trying to sell and see if that moves them out of your inventory. The markets for dimension items do vary pretty considerably depending on what shard you're on, so you also might have a bit of that going on as well.

    Good luck!
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    If you aren't able to sell and are reluctant to just destroy them, consider a donation to the "Take a Penny, Leave a Penny" dimension on your shard.
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    You can also join the dimension chat channel and ask around if anyone is interested in buying something you have.

    US: dimensionaddicts@deepwood
    EU: dimensionaddicts@zaviel

    And it doesn't really take an artist to start building your dimension, just a bit of imagination. ;)
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    Also remember dimensioneers are cheap. Most times we dont just use one of a item we use 20 so if the price isn't right to buy or save up 20 we dont buy them. Also we dont always need a particular item so it may sit on the ah for months tell it is needed by someone. Also remember rarity doesn't matter either . Like the telescope I might use one in a build one day but I would skip it if it was 1000p on the ah. A butter churn is one of the cheapest items in game and I almost always use a few in a build.

    So the pricing and the sales all depend on weather a builder is using that item at the time. I know I watch the ah for the right pricing on items. If its not the right price for me I wont buy it. Because every item fluctuates in price so much on the ah for dims I know that item that is 100p today may be 2 p tomorrow or a few silver in a week.

    Plus it depends on what kind of builders use the ah on your shard . So you see there is not a good answer to selling dim items what means alot to one builder is garbage to another. I am so sorry.

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    Since I started playing (VERY new - not even two months yet), I've had three houses (blue quality) drop on three different toons, one on Deepwood, the other two on Wolfsbane. The one on Deepwood and one of them on Wolfsbane dropped off "normal" mobs at fairly low levels - under 15 on both. The other one dropped on a level 27 off a named mob in Iron Pine Peak (the first "boss" mob to the north of the porticulum).

    I sold the one off the lower level toon on Wolfsbane for 35 plat (slightly undercutting the next higher listing). I sold the one on Deepwood for 65 plat, undercutting the next higher listing by 180%.... CRAZY AH economy there....

    I kept the other one - a snowy house with deck. It's cute and I'll likely use it somewhere someday. And I haven't sold anything else in dim items that I've had drop, because they're probably going somewhere eventually.

    So first thing you want to do is talk to the AH guy, then right click the dimension item to search and load any like it in the pane so you can see what they're listed at. Click on "Unit Price" so you can see what the lowest listing is for. Then post your item just under that amount. With luck, it'll sell. Without luck, it won't and you'll get it back to relist....

    Good luck!

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