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Thread: Bug with Dream Weaver created items

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    Default Bug with Dream Weaver created items

    So I keep having this problem when entering my dimension or exiting edit mode. Retoggling edit mode a few times generally makes it stop but I was wondering if anyone knew the cause and had a better solution.

    AFAIK my graphics drivers are fully updated and what not.

    The placement fields flicker and twitch and change color like spastic children on ****.

    Bug with Dream Weaver created items-2014-06-06_172803.jpgBug with Dream Weaver created items-2014-06-28_010810.jpg

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    Yeah, this is extremely common (at least with certain cards/computers), happens to me all the time too. It's just one of the wonderful graphical glitches of Rift.

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    This is a two part series with VFX items which most Dream Weaving items are:

    Rift Dream Dimensions - Dream Techniques VFX Guides.

    Altering your settings may be the solution, hope it helps.
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