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Thread: Dimension Stories - Rowena would like to meet you, Ascended

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    Default Dimension Stories - Rowena would like to meet you, Ascended

    So, as some of you may know, Nouvae is publishing weekly chapters of a story I began to write for her website Dimension Gallery.

    Now, this site is all about your creations, your imagination and your creativity. And that is why I would love to incorporate your characters and dimensions into my stories.

    The story is about Rowena, an "NPC", who will have adventures all over Telara. Right now, she is just trying to get to Shimmersand, where it's warm and where she hopes to make her fortune. She has a long way to go and on that journey, she will encounter many dangers, but she will also need help from generous mentors... namely you, Ascended.

    I am thinking of chance encounters with your characters in regions she is currently traveling through. You can invite her to your dimension or it could be a place that she just happens to come across, maybe she stumbled over it while exploring a certain area.

    I will write about her impressions about the dimension, but I would like for you to tell me about your characters intentions/involvement. Did you happen to find her exploring your dimension? Did you invite her to your home?

    If you would like to be part of the story, drop me a PM with your character (a screenshot would be nice), your dimension and shard (so we can take pictures of your dim). And tell me a bit about your character and how you think he/she met Rowena, and what was their reaction? How did they end up in your dimension?

    Just a few brief sentences will do. You don't have to write a book (that's why I'm here ). I will let you review the story chapter before we post it, so you can tell me if I captured your vision correctly.

    A little bit about Rowena:

    Physical Description

    Age: 22
    Eyes: Emerald Green
    Hair: Shoulder length, red hair

    Rowena is of average height, with 5’8”. She is slender, but not thin and well proportioned. Her upper arms show some muscles that she developed while working in mines during the last year.

    Rowena's most prominent features are her emerald green eyes. They are truly the windows to her soul. Feathery bangs cover her high forehead to conceal a 1” scar above her left eye, which she received during a fight that broke out while working for Carik Blackear. Her face projects an inner beauty. Her smile can warm even the coldest hearts.

    Mental Description:
    Well balanced (most of the time) and easy going, Rowena has no problems making friends. But once she feels that someone is trying to take advantage of her, she will turn as cold as ice. She may also call her wrath upon that person. Usually, it is no problem for her to keep her temper in check, but it is best not to cross her.

    She has courage without being a fool. However, she likes to take risks and at times acts
    without thinking the situation through. This has landed her more than once in “hot water”.
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    I think it's a nice idea Agrona! The story is great too, I am enjoying it!

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