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Thread: A Tribute to Beautiful Insanity's "Lost in Wonderland"

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    Default A Tribute to Beautiful Insanity's "Lost in Wonderland"

    Hello all,

    As some of you know, or may not know, Beautiful Insanity is reaching our one year anniversary and decided to make an official tour video to remember our first effort as a collective force in dimensioneering. Exceptional work by Baradara, Jaedor, myself, Jyzia, and Magique. We'll soon be dismantling our dimension beginning a new project on an even grander scale than before.

    I share with you the memories I wanted to share with my members in this humble video:

    Mind you I've never done videos such as this before, but I spent many sleepless nights trying to make it showcase one of the best experiences in my time in Rift. Thank you for taking the time to watch my tour and tribute.

    Rorsch, GM of Beautiful Insanity on Greybriar

    Guild Leader of Beautiful Insanity on the Greybriar Shard. 1300+ members strong, come join us.

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    Amazing dimension (I've already checked it out in person) and beautiful video! What a lovely tribute to the skilled and imaginative creators of this guild dim.

    The music made me feel a bit sad and melancholic though.

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    Good job the dimension is so bright & colorful I agree with Agrona the song made me sad too lol but I would be sad if I was going to tear all that down but looking forward to your next!

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    Beautiful work ... beautiful dimension ... beautiful tribute. Of course, I am looking forward to the new dimension and I understand the desire for new plans, fresh ideas, and updated themes. But I also can't help being a bit sad when a dimension I love goes to the dimension graveyard. RIP, original Lost in Wonderland.

    My wacky weird (and mostly old) dimensions are tagged (diva) on Wolfsbane, Zaviel,
    Brutwacht, and Gelidra. I love to visit dimensions, so please invite me to see yours!

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