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Thread: Select all button

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    Default Select all button

    It would be really nice to have a select all button or to have the ability to group items permanently.

    This would be very useful for moving lots of items around, like entire buildings, without having to select all of the items each time.

    Currently selecting could deselect if you accidentally misclick, or you start moving something and realize you missed a bunch of stuff.
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    interesting idea, similar to how it is in C.A.D programs. I like it!

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    This is a very cool idea, it would be great if you can group things permanently. Yesterday i had a really bad idea...i wanted to build a basement under my house so i had to lift the whole dimension (bad idea i know^^). So i grouped the whole dimension and lift it....rift error....the half dimension is on the ground the other half dimension is somewhere in the air...so since yesterday i have to fix my complete dimension.

    Yes i have saved the whole dimension but DimensionTools don't work fine with Wood Corner Post and my house is build of them.^^
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