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Thread: Mossy Tavern Trade

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    Default Mossy Tavern Trade

    Greeting Fellow Builders

    I am looking to trade (hopefully this time it is not soul-bound...lol) 1Rex for a Mossy Tavern.

    Thought I am not sure if this is an equal trade, I do realize it may take more than 2/3 surprise dimension boxes, if not more to get this dandy little prize. I am happy to also add:
    1 Fae Yule Sleigh
    5 variety of Gift Boxes
    1 Vandalized Fae Yule Tree


    One whole team supply for Oathsworn PvP Dimension:
    1 Oathsworn Start Point
    1 Oathsworn Join Banner
    1 Oathsworn Graveyard
    1 10m PvP Score Oathsworn vs Nightfall
    1 25m PvP Score Oathsworn vs Nightfall

    If anyone is interested, this doesn't sound like a "to-bad or crazy deal"...
    feel free to pst me in game or with in game mail on character:
    Name: Fuiji
    Shard: Wolfsbane

    Thanks All! "Keep Building Your Dreams!"...I Love Visiting Them!
    "No...No, this is NOT like Lincoln Logs at all!" (Meh)
    *Shard: Wolfsbane
    A Reclusive Oasis / RP-Bahmi City Manifesto / Ruins of DavenPort / Section:A-Two/Camp
    (alternate character)- Fuiji: Skalholt Agreement 1935 / Keflavick Forse Base-PvP

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    I will keep an eye out for what you are looking for

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