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Thread: Sell - Buy - Trade: Dimension Items

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    Default Sell - Buy - Trade: Dimension Items

    WTB: Brevanic Camel Fountain

    Shard: Hailol


    Actual price: 41 Plat 50 cent

    I'm willing to pay up to 45 Plat for this item.

    (Can we get this thread stickied, please?)

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    ~Deepwood Shard~
    If any one needs to buy any of the dungeon sets (exception being the exodus one) I know most of them. Just let me know. Will sell at the price I paid, plus a hug.

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    WTB: Defiant Banners (would like 3 but would be more than happy with 1)

    Shard: Aeroko on Deepwood (there for a few more days)

    I'm actually from Greybriar but can't find the items I am looking for there so I transferred one of my toons to Deepwood to load up on goodies

    Also I am just returning to the game having quit right after launch so this is all new to me. So please excuse my lack of knowledge on item prices. I purchased some Gaurdian ones for 40-49p so that is what I think the Defiant ones would go for?

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    I'm starting to unlock a lot of the Unstable artifact sets and wanted to post what is available since I have many people asking for them. The reason for the high cost is the actual credit cost in game-I just missed out on the dimension item sale last week =(
    I have:

    Hailol Jig Ball- 1400p
    Racing Halfwits- 1400p
    Lighting Rod- 1050p
    Butterfly Flowers- 720p

    Send an ingame mail or /t to Accol@deepwood and I'll drop them in your dimension and accept payment cross shard. I'm very close to getting Fly Meat and Dragonfly Lilies as well.
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