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Thread: Dimension linking!

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    Default Dimension linking!

    Someone (Suileen@Faeblight) proposed this, and it is just an awesome idea.

    A way to link dimensions. So people with multiple dimensions could, say, connect a point in one dimension to a point in another, with something like a porticulum. There'd be all sorts of permissions/design problems, but the basic idea just has such huge appeal.
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    I think this is a GREAT idea and would eliminate the item cap issue that some people have. Also, it will be great if you want others to check your other dimensions as well or for RP sake

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    I would absolutely love this!

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    I would love this too, would be one way to get around the item restrictions. Think how epic dimensions could be if there were a way to link them together. You could have huge mazes and puzzles with different paths leading to different places. Build big structures with the inside built in another dimension. Would be truly awesome.

    In terms of permissions, I guess it could be worked that, if you don't have permission to access the dimension you are porting to, you could just return back to the dimension you came from. Though it might be easier to say that a portal over-rides any access permissions for the destination dimension. If a player can access the originating dimension then they too can access the destination dimension.

    I don't see why there should be design problems. A portal could be a simple rectangle shape which can be scale to fit. When in edit mode, the portal is disabled and can be positioned like any other item. A menu option could let you select the destination dimension from a list of your existing dimensions. When out of edit mode, the portal could function like those in LotRO, where you simply run into it and it ports you automatically. Your character will then appear at the entry point for the destination dimension.

    They don't need to be complicated items, but definitely would be something I'd be interested in.
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