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Thread: Trophy Lures "fixed"?

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    Default Trophy Lures "fixed"?

    Disclaimer: I know there are more efficient ways to get artifacts I just was already doing this and decided to post my observations.

    So, in preparation for Dreamweaving I decided to fish up artifacts and simultaneously work on my Trophy acheivement. I was using my Enduring Trophy Lures and getting a few treasure chests and an ok amount of trophy fish. Then 2.6 came and I burned through all my artifacts in minutes so after making myself motion sick gathering bags full of more artifacts I settled back in to my fishing.

    Lo and behold! In my first 15 minutes I had 5 treasure chests and 6 artifacts! I thought, yay! I got a lucky break on my lure. The next one had similar results so I spent the rest of the evening fishing. I know Trion said the lures were never broken, but it appears that the drops have returned to the rate they used to be at before we noticed everyone was having the same "bad luck". Each lure gave me between 4 and 6 chests and lots of trophies plus other artifacts.

    Am I just imagining things? Has anyone else had such good fortune? Does anyone who takes better notes want to try to confirm or deny my observations?

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    You got me wondering so I did a little test, of just one lure (Enduring Trophy Lure).
    During the 15 minutes,
    * 1 white trophy fish (the kind that always drops without even a lure)
    * 2 boxes
    * no artifacts
    dropped for me.
    Sounds like you were lucky! : )

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