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Thread: PvP Dimensions - additional info

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    Default PvP Dimensions - additional info

    Friday's livestream had Greg talking a bit more about PvP Dimensions.

    Livestream Summary: 7th Feb 2014
    Livestream Video: 7th Feb 2014
    • Can have 2 or 3 teams. Your choice.
    • Flag items that allow players to pick their team.
    • Spawn point items.
    • ‘Volume’ items. (similar to Weather-blockers).
    • Items that allow you to control how scoring works.
    • A Scoreboard item that can – for example – define what the Time Limit of the match will be.

    Further info on 'volume' items.
    • Scoring Volumes - areas that determine if kills count for scoring. Can be done on a team-by-team basis.
    • Damage Volumes - areas that deal damage to a specific team.
    • Kill Zone Volumes - areas where players are insta-killed if they go in.
    • Denial Volumes - areas where players cannot go through. This allows dimensioneers to have spectating zones because the spectators on one side cannot go to the other side where the participants are.

    You can stack volumes as well.
    I.e. Stacking a Team A Scoring Volume 5 times would allow Team A to receive 5 points per kill in that area.
    Stacking Damage Volumes would make the damage ticks higher.


    Get your dimensioneering caps on! Will be very interesting to see what everyone comes up with.

    Heck, some of these items don't even need to be solely used for PvP. Damage Volumes and Denial Volumes could be used - for instance - to spectate a Race Course event where the Damage and Kill Zone volumes act as traps.

    I can already imagine a few PvP Dimensions that could come out of this:

    Gladiator Arena
    • A raised Circular Platform.
    • Below is filled with Kill Zone Volumes. Thus, if you get knocked off or run off the platform, you die.
    • To prevent people from hugging the center, place Damage Volumes that increase in stacks as you get closer to the middle.
    • Add various doodads (rocks/pillars/etc) to allow for LoS.

    To prevent griefing/camping; place spawn points on small platforms separated away from each other (with Denial Volumes in-between) high above the main Arena Platform. The spawn point platforms will be high enough so that respawners can jump down and land anywhere on the Arena Platform. (this prevents people from camping respawn points).

    Also, add a large Ring Platform around the entire Arena that is separated completely from the Arena Platform by Denial Volumes. That Ring becomes the Spectator Platform where people can sit, or run around the ring whilst watching the fight.
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    A lot of of this information is old thanks to Dead Simon hints on livestreams and other options HOWEVER its so exciting it's finally being bought to the forefront.

    Thank you Pithos.

    And don't worry Dimensioneers have been creating such Dimensions for some time I'm more curious how the PvP Community will embrace this, forums will be ablaze I'm sure....

    To refresh memories or introduce a contest I held in June with Rift Dream Dimensions & Rift Scene. It was so much fun and so many wonderful entries:

    Grand Master Architect of Arena's 2013 Final 10 Article & Video

    Still watch this often
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    Sounds better than I thought it would be to be honest.

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    So many opportunities for great pvp dimensions! Thanks Trion and thanks OP for the info

    I myself have built an arena, but will certainly build LOTS more pvp dimensions

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    Thanks for posting this update!

    I kept my arena from the Architect contest, the volume thingies mean my pit fall on the bridge can get very nasty now, as can the cage doors holding my critters.

    I knew there was a reason why I left some of the item count...
    Dimensions on Greybriar and Zaviel


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    I look forward to lurking in the Spectator zones

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    If this is done right (fingers crossed) trion will never have to design another warfront or add arenas. All they would have to do is update the system every so often, there is great potential in a system like this and i hope trion would be open to suggestions from the community this time round.

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    I'm betting every owner of PvP dimension will fit the play field to his main role.
    (mages certainly will not build a small field, filled with LoS, warriors will)

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