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Thread: Blades & Blood Tavern

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    Default Blades & Blood Tavern

    Name: Blades & Blood Tavern
    Owner: Bloodguard
    Shard: Faeblight

    Our Machinoss (architect), Danaslaa, has been hard at work on our first guild dimension. If you're on Faeblight, we'd be very pleased for you to visit and if you have any constructive suggestions, we'd love to hear them.

    Please feel free to post same here or at our general forum. We're particularly interested to hear about any of the rarer "just right" pieces that would help suit this space. As we're new to dimension building, we haven't gotten the full sense of all the pieces possible in the build; it would help to have some of you who are more practiced hands toss out some ideas for consumption and for research.

    I myself have characters on Faeblight and Wolfsbane and am very willing to make the trip if you have suggestions of dimensions you know to visit for ideas (I can take pics and pass them to our Machinoss, or Dana might want to make the trip if its worth making an alt.) One of my fav spots in the B&B is a bit of an easter egg, but not too hard to find. Look up and if you see the bridge, see if you can find you way up there to the memorial to our Fallen brethren.

    Also, the space is in flux so please ignore the odd oddity that you might find as Dana is constantly tweaking it and might leave some piece in situ temporarily to try it out or just move it out of way while working on something else.

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    Default Blades & Blood Tavern

    Greetings fellow champions, Danaslaa here,
    I think I have come to a decent stopping point on the outside construction and landscape for now. There are a number of things that come to mind that I still want to do on the outside but time will determine if that will happen or not. I have also put a few things that I might pull. Like the wizard cottage at the top has a teleporter that I am just not that happy with. So that might change. Just not sure yet how I will work that one in.

    I am taking a short break from the building but eventually I will start putting more time into the interior of all the buildings as items become more available. PLEASE don't purchase any more stuff. I spent a great deal of time getting it where it is so that the tavern can at least open up to the public. Just keep in mind that the upstairs still does not have much nor have I figured out what I will do with it all. I don't like how it looks with walls breaking up the area up there, so that is another thing to consider.

    The area that has the beds is easy to figure out. For those that didn't notice it, there is one more level above the beds now for one (Master Bedroom) layout. For that bed area, I want to eventually put in a Dresser or two, small tables, perhaps more lighting, etc.

    Upstairs in the tavern there is one open area where the stairs come up to that I am still pondering on. I was thinking perhaps merchants tables with various items on them. No weapons though. See lower in this forum reply to see what I have in mind for a weapon merchant table.

    Then there is the one are up above that has the large U shape table. I figured the U shaped table just needs more lighting and some food stuff for it. (A few of our Guild members are learning to make lighting items, so I figured they perhaps might be able to provide that stuff as time goes on. Again, please DON'T Purchase anything at this point. Let us try to give others a chance to make them and get their skills some experience).

    As for the deck in the back by the water. I want to put some kind of fire pit or something like that there, with benches around the pit and some armor or weapon merchant tables. Perhaps even a tent of some sort just to add to the idea that someone is living out there (yet should not be).

    As for the wizard like building off to the right down the path (when facing the tavern), I am still trying to determine what to put in there. The upstairs I think would be ideal for setting up one room with beds and such, and the other with lab like equipment and other magic/science like looking stuff,

    If any of you have ideas of something you would like to see added or done, please let me know and I will try to accommodate your request. Obviously if you have stuff you would like to see, please lets communicate first before you pick up or make any of it so that I can plan it out a little to determine what I need to do to make it work.

    Also, please include Kelinor in the request to make sure they will also be comfortable with your request/ideas. Additionally, if you see stuff you wish removed, let me know and again, I will see what I can do. I do ask though that you please explain why you wish something removed. I ask this because I might have a reason for what you see and thus, you might understand once told and choose not to pull the item after all.

    Last but not least, I put a few more things into the trees. So if your daring enough to go climb the trees, feel free to look around more. If you go right, you can go up and up, but if you go left, then there is a platform with a Safe and lighting on it. and somewhere to the left there are planks that also go really up high into the trees with another platform with nothing on it other than some wooden blocks to make getting over a Plank/Guard Rail easier (still thinking of what to put there). I must warn you though, the one that goes way up takes some faith when walking because (at least for me) you have to walk along the branches before you come to a plank to start going up BUT seeing your way though with all the leaves is nearly impossible. So, it's not only hard but a bit scary (since if you fall, you have to try and try again). There is only the two platforms in the trees themselves at this time, otherwise as mentioned, if you go right it just has lots of planks to go up and up and up and up (to a wizard/sage house, to a bridge which then leads you to the graveyard and even a look out).

    The Graveyard is done. I don't really feel more is needed but, again, I have no idea what really is out there nor what we will eventually find to add to it. So, if you get Dimensional drops you wish to offer, by all means do so. I am more than happy to add, or switch out stuff for something better.

    There is also the outlook that has the elven chairs, table and candles. At some point, I want to put a telescope there as well. So if you get that as a drop, please feel free to offer it to the Guild Build if you wish.

    So go poke around when you get time.


    PS. I have also put a second way up to the top (Graveyard). Feel free to go find it. It's not hidden, but it's not super obvious either. Have fun.

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