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Thread: kestrel's cry ravine

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    Default kestrel's cry ravine

    so for my first dimension i been messing aroud with kesrels ravine.i put the big tavern in it,stonefire or whatever its called.it looks preety good but it snows inside my tavern lol.is there anyway to stop this?its kind lame that it snows inside!
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    Not yet. When 2.6 and Dreamweaving comes out there will be weather blocking items you can size to your building.

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    The current solution to stopping snow is to place a Fire Projector. If you are not fond of the dark red coloring it causes, you can add another projector over the Fire Projector. Doing that causes a 50/50 chance of either Projector showing when someone or yourself loads in your dimension.

    But as Amity said, 2.6 Dreamweaving will take care of this issue with making Weather Blocking items in various shapes. With those you can have the snow and keep your cabin cozy and snow-free on the inside!
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