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Thread: Dimensional Bartenders...

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    Default Dimensional Bartenders...

    How do they work? I heard they run out over time and you have to keep buying them over again... is that true?

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    Some work hard from open to close (some bars NEVER close) Some are kind of lazy or just simply can't keep up. But I have bought 4 for 100 lucky coins one of them is 7 months old and he is still serving me and my friends.

    Edit* I still have all four so they don't disappear if that was what you were asking*
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    Bartenders(like some other dimension items) tend to fall through floors when not placed perfectly. So, if your friends keep having to re-buy them... ummm... tell them to pick up their house, they probably have 10 of them under there
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    Dummies sometimes also fall through the floor if there is any open space beneath them. The trick around this is to put a column of something solid beneath them, all the way to the ground.

    Oh, and if you put Nico over water, he will swim. Please bug report it if you make this happen.

    Lastly, if you drink all the beers there's a short timer on when he will give you more. Just give him a second to get out fresh cups!

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    You purchase bartenders using lucky coins (gained from completing artifact sets) or by grabbing them for people selling theirs. The Bartender (Nico) comes as a complete item: bartender, mini table and giant barrel. When placed in a dim, you can interact with him via the mouse and he sets up a round of interactive drinks in front of him.

    He's quite nice to have featuring in a dimension but it would be nice if there were different versions. I'm sure his dad was a milkman.
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