So ive been avidly paying attention to this competition put forward by Trion and the crew of Dream Dimensions and Ive got to say that for all the hype put forward regarding the expertise of the judging panel im not really impressed by the top 20 or the value of the extra judges that have come forward to narrow things down to the final 3. dont get me wrong some (some) of the dimensions in the top 20 are wonderful but some are questionably worse than others ive seen in the other 200. i watched the livesteams and ive watched the youtubes but the people who have made these dont seem to have any understanding about dimensions or can even appreciate the hard work (some) people have done to put their work forward. from what ive read these people will be voting on getting the top 20 to the top 3? but they have no knowledge so their opinions are just based on how pretty they are?