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Thread: RIFT - SUGGESTION - GUILD Dimensions

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    Default RIFT - SUGGESTION - GUILD Dimensions

    Guild Dimensions

    Why does Rift not allow guild achievements for PVE and PVP content special rift dimension items?

    I was thinking something like 50% or more of your guild in a PVE run on a Raid Boss kill you can get a trophy to put on your guild dimension hall wall. Or feats of enormous strength like realm first would warrant a statue.

    I'm serious you do this PVE will take on a whole new level. Visible guild achievements! Make them purchasable if you going to be gem fiends Trion but at least allow them to be unlocked when the guild achieves the required goal.

    I think placing Guild accouterments in the hall based on guild rank would be nice as well. Perhaps even a banner.

    On that topic a guild banner proudly displayed over the dimension hearth would be simply amazing. Or adorn the hall doors with it.

    I really think Trion should dive into this area. It would be amazing.

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    I'd love to make my Ice Watch into a guild dimension.. it's just too massive to fill on my own!

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    As we're on guild dimensions...

    It would be nice to purchase additional slots for more active guild dimensions. We have them for individual characters why not make them available for guilds?

    It would mean we don't have to tare down previous builds and would give the role playing community more places to express themselves.

    It would also be a good plat dump. We know you like these.
    Dimension Builder.

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