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Thread: Dimension Permissions - (Request for more advanced options)

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    Default Dimension Permissions - (Request for more advanced options)

    Sorry if there is already info on this.

    First...Anyone know if there are any plans to add a more advanced permissions window? It would be nice to add individual rights to a specific person rather than all my my friends, guild, or public. Or even permissions to block someone from joining a deminsion if someone needs.

    Second...Is there even a need for public move, place, and pick up as an option? I dont think anyone would ever checkbox that option for obvious reasons. If anything public should only be visability.


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    nice suggestions, would love more tuning to the permissions, blocks would be great

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    something like a dimension-friend-list wich we can edit under the shortcut "o" where friends are located. would be nice..

    also a /dimkick playernamehere and /dimbann playernamehere here would be nice..

    ...would also need a dimbannlist besides the dimfriendlist...and could also be located in the "o" friends window.

    blocks or banns must be accoundwide!!! otherwise he/she could start a twink and enter the dim again...and in seconds the blocklist would be full ((((
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    As to the public options many of us have dimensions open to the public to move and place objects for testing. I have even had a dimension open for pickup for extras I get fishing.

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