Good day everyone! My fiance and I created The Elemental Escape awhile ago now but have been upgrading and redoing lots of items on it! We have currently maxed out the item limit and with that are finished with it! Would love to hear comments, concerns, likes, dislikes, and anything you have to say about it! This is not one small area this is a full guild dimension that goes all the way to the top! Have a drink at the Pirate Cove Bar, relax in the Sauna, stay in the Luxury Guest Suite. Play Pool, Shuffleboard, and win a prize in the Claw machine! If you find the forgotten Portal Room you found the top! Just remember there are two ways to go when you reach the Sauna, and here's a little tip... go right first over the Hot Spring :-)
Check it out at 'The Elemental Escape' @ Deepwood shard.
Can hit me up at QualityControl@Deepwood or Nothingness@Deepwood.
My fiance is Enragedlemming@Deepwood.
Have fun and Enjoy!
The Elemental Escape-2013-08-18_172725.jpgThe Elemental Escape-2013-08-18_181156.jpgThe Elemental Escape-2013-08-18_181303.jpg