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    Default wow...

    How do I create food? How do I create utensils? Do our avatars ever need a toilet, shower or bath? Can anyone help me with ideas to finish my place? Or, help me with suggestions on improving what I've already done? I put in 8 hours of work today on my dim and only got a few things done. It's amazing what some people can do. I thought that most of the stuff in dims was just bought and placed. I was terribly mistaken. Let alone the 8 hours of combined design and shopping, it cost me over 2k in credits today and most of it went on stuff that cost between 1-5 credits each piece. Anyways, If you can help me, either reply here, or pm me or mail Marqui@Greybriar in game.


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    I recently hosted a morphing competition that featured food. There's a list of entries at the bottom of the announcement of the winners.

    The first step is to tour, look at how other people have put things together, and puzzle it out. You can even cheat now by using the item list to click something and see what highlights.

    Kitasia's Database also has a section where people have submitted the toolbox code for creating some common items.

    The best way to learn is to do, so practice, love it, hate it, pick it up, do it again. Then you'll shock yourself a few days later when a way to do the same thing better hits you. ;)

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    yes, Treble is totally right. oh and welcome to dimensions addiction =) or dimensioned is another word used some times ^-^ any ways most of the ones you see/hear that seem to get done fast in dimensions all seem to have a addon called toolbox that helps line things up and copy past and add premade morphs that some have added to kits and other web sites for dimensions too=) and theirs a channel that a lot of us dimension people use over shards called dimensionaddicts@deepwood you can type /join dimensionadditcs@deepwood to get in this chat.Theirs seems to be some helpful people their too=) if you like feel free to join it may help too=) good luck and have fun =)
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    If you want, you can hit me up on Greybriar and I'll try to offer as much help as I can. You can get in touch with me at Baradara or Whatchacallit. Also, check out the resources in the stickied Resource thread, there's a lot of good information there.
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