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Thread: 2.6 Visual Effects

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    Default 2.6 Visual Effects

    2.6 Visual Effects-2013-12-18_144204.jpg2.6 Visual Effects-2013-12-18_144152.jpg2.6 Visual Effects-2013-12-18_144146.jpg2.6 Visual Effects-2013-12-18_144137.jpg

    insane just some of the new visual effects up, Motes for Sky, God Rays, Waterfall Bases as for cool visual effects that I cant screenshot here yellow/blue lightning and they currently have texture paint which is not showing up and a glass pattern that cant be purchased
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    The mote effects are really nice but my virtual allergies are being set off by the pollen-esque look. =D But I can't wait for Dreamweaving to come out. Add so much more life to our dims.
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    Default pollen-esque look

    Pollen-esque look creates a bulk feel in graphics.
    Sometimes we don,t want to use it but it matters when we want bulk look overall.
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