I saw old posts about this issue saying this was resolved...I dont think it is, so I made a new post.

I have had several people report that they have fallen through the terrain on the Vengeful Sky dimension I have. I do not have any odd terrain people walk on, or items blocking the zone in area. People report it in all random spots all over the map, its impossible to pinpoint one location.

However... I have pretty much built all around this map, above and below. And literally every mountain side is not properly connected together. Pieces leave large gaps, and in some areas there are even flat pieces of mountainside sticking straight up through another piece. If you join my dimension, it will give you a good example of where these issues are. Follow the left path up the mountainside and you can see gaps all across the map.

Now... I have no idea if this is the cause, but I have to put 2 and 2 together. Falling through terrain..and terrain not properly connected leaving odd gaps in the map (to fall to infinity). I do notice that when I see where someone fell, it is usually around one of these areas with the misplaced terrain. People have reported to me falling through both the mountain side, and the basic dirt terrain. Could this possibly be the cause of this bug?

I would love to see this bug get resolved, it really ruins the experience when I give a tour and then someone says 'ummm, i just fell through your floor'.

Here are a few pictures, remember this is all over the entire map.

Vengeful Sky Dimension - Falling Through Terrain Bug-1.jpgVengeful Sky Dimension - Falling Through Terrain Bug-2.jpgVengeful Sky Dimension - Falling Through Terrain Bug-3.jpgVengeful Sky Dimension - Falling Through Terrain Bug-4.jpgVengeful Sky Dimension - Falling Through Terrain Bug-5.jpgVengeful Sky Dimension - Falling Through Terrain Bug-6.jpgVengeful Sky Dimension - Falling Through Terrain Bug-7.jpg