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Thread: Guild Dimension Items

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    Default Guild Dimension Items

    I'm fairly certain this will have been asked before, but are ther now or is there plans to introduce "useful items and NPC's" into the dimensions similar to the ones they had in EQ2 housing.

    For those who didn't play EQ2 I'm talking about things like crafting stations, vendors, trainers, guild quest givers, bankers, auctioneers.

    Put them behind a level cap if you need, Heck put them behind a quest line, make the guilds come together to achieve something. Rescue\Recruit the NPC then Gather materials to make the associated items it will need to perform there role in your guild house. Rescus a barman from something somewhere, is part one, then gather materials for his bar/brewery is part 2. gather more materials to upgrade it making him capable of selling better drinks.

    Maybe go so far as to introduce the notion of guild reputation with differant factions allowing you to buy things that are specific to that faction either buy having a quatermaster or it just unlocking on the generic vendor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mortdredd View Post
    guild quest givers

    You can buy a Guild Questmaster at Guild level 22 now i think? it used to be only for max level 25 but got dropped down months ago.

    This Quest NPC is essential to have because at max level 25 this is the only way to keep getting weekly Guild quests at level 25.

    I'm fairly certain there was a mention of not having items like crafting stations, AH's, Banks etc in Dimensions, either personal or Guild because the Devs felt this would just lead to people not "socializing" in the cities and everyone staying in the Dimensions.

    Don't quote me on that though

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