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Thread: Trion PLEASE!

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    Default Trion PLEASE!

    Please make a dimension official channel. This way there are no owners to kick out people in the channel. No channel blocking. No more having to worry we won't have a channel and have to make new ones. Please, please, please!
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    This is a very, very good idea. We're all prone to snap judgements and making mistakes, but if we keep the 'power' (that seems like such a silly thing to worry about, or abuse in a game) then it's fair to everyone. As it is its too easy for differences in language, understanding of the game, and simple friendship biases to trigger miss-understandings that lead to people being abused or kicked.
    I'm going to post something related to this in a seperate thread - don't really want it taking over this one since i'ts a really good idea.

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