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Thread: Companions in Dimensions (but only those you collected)

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    Default Companions in Dimensions (but only those you collected)

    After spending an incalculable amount of time on my dimension. I noticed it was missing something. ***My Companions***

    Once upon a time I played Wizard 101..and in your (home) dimension your companions would roam about all over the place.

    They could follow you around or roam just like other critters do through out rift.

    I also think the only ones you should be allowed to have in the dimensions are the ones you have collected...whether you have one pet or a zoo keeper like me.


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    I'd like a stable option to display my mounts around my dimensions.

    Companion house/places/roam areas to put them.

    None useful npcs I could have roam or be static e.g one to act as a blacksmith etc

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    I'd like to see your suggestion, and 'plushies' added to Rift.

    We had pets in our houses in EQ2 but I hated them. They roamed about, through furniture and basically everywhere you didn't want them to be. They also had a name plate above their heads which irked me no end.

    Plushies on the other hand stayed where you put them, had no name plate, and were animated.

    You can also turn any or all of your mounts into plushies for use in your house, and back again to mounts.

    Link is for a plushies list for EQ2, it's not up to date but it's huge. Most are available from questing, all are awesome. I would like some in Rift please Mr Trion.

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    Having pets or companions in a dimension would be great. Maybe give them a set radius they would roam to keep them from roaming where they are not wanted.
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