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Thread: My Dolcega Valley Dimension - Then and Now

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    Default My Dolcega Valley Dimension - Then and Now

    Dolcega was the first dimension I ever bought. The owner of that dimension is Aggy and it's located on Faeblight.

    My first attempts to build something there were crude, but cute LOL It was called Caer Siddi back in the days and all that remains are pictures.

    The current name is Mansion of the Golden Sun. I would like to present to you a few comparison shots of "Then and Now". I have come quite a ways, if I do say so myself. lol

    Then - My first building

    Now - Mansion of the Golden Sun

    Then - The Pool area

    Now - The Pool and Spa area

    Then - Market Stalls

    Now - Murals and Window seating (yes ok fine, not really related to Market Stalls, but still cooler than those stable looking shops lol)

    Then - Inside of the home

    Now - Inside of the Mansion (Bedrooms are in the back)
    Kitchen and Dining
    BBQ with view of Garden
    Side Entrance

    Main Entrance

    Everybody is welcome! Massages are 10 Plat per hour!

    Come visit me on Faeblight! Aggy - Mansion of the Golden Sun

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    Love what you've done with the place! I'll take a massage please

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    needs one of them too=o I'll take half hour please=D if it can come with a hot guy I'll go for that as long as he's good at it... >< if he's not. Give me the funny looking guy as long as he knows /can give good back and neck rubs/pressure points please!!! ;D

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    Very nice!!! The pool and spa area is very well done.
    Kagukan - Greybriar - My old dimension "I call it home" Stone Flask Tavern. Latest dimension "Blue Toilet Paper" Moonshade Highlands. Stop by for a visit.

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