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Thread: Evil Rises on Greybriar

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    Default Evil Rises on Greybriar

    Hello folks. About a month ago I bought a few random dimension boxes in the store and, well, I got carried away with this dimension thing

    So I present my first dimension, 'Evil Rises' on GB. It's been quite the love-affair and I hope you enjoy it.

    Take note, you will need the jump-master to get to the very end and a most beautiful space-jump.

    Evil Rises on Greybriar-2013-11-22_175722.jpg
    Inner Temple
    Evil Rises on Greybriar-2013-11-22_181959.jpg
    A house with a view
    Evil Rises on Greybriar-2013-11-22_181705.jpg
    Heat Wave
    Evil Rises on Greybriar-2013-11-22_181248.jpg
    Evil Rises
    Evil Rises on Greybriar-2013-11-22_181019.jpg
    Meditation Room
    Evil Rises on Greybriar-2013-11-22_180715.jpg
    Stairway To Heaven
    Evil Rises on Greybriar-2013-11-22_180346.jpg
    Alien Garden
    Evil Rises on Greybriar-2013-11-22_180241.jpg
    Emerging Temple
    Evil Rises on Greybriar-2013-11-22_180150.jpg
    Deadly Approach
    Evil Rises on Greybriar-2013-11-22_175851.jpg
    Peaceful Aside
    Evil Rises on Greybriar-2013-11-22_182058.jpg
    Launching Pad
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Evil Rises on Greybriar-2013-11-22_180234.jpg   Evil Rises on Greybriar-2013-11-22_180518.jpg   Evil Rises on Greybriar-2013-11-22_180530.jpg   Evil Rises on Greybriar-2013-11-22_180719.jpg   Evil Rises on Greybriar-2013-11-22_180813.jpg  

    Evil Rises on Greybriar-2013-11-22_180901.jpg   Evil Rises on Greybriar-2013-11-22_181419.jpg   Evil Rises on Greybriar-2013-11-22_182053.jpg  

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    I went as far as I could go without the jump master. Some interesting concepts with a very random collection of items (recovering dimension box addict here). Nicely done.
    Dimensions on Greybriar and Zaviel


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    Ah thanks :-)

    Will have to take on a more focused project soon but this one has a little bit of everything.

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