As the title states I would love it if the following items got added to the trophy section. I do not like items being locked away or difficult to get and have to admit im liking how the trophy section is working as it gets those of us who do not raid or do dungeons a way to get those items.

1. Inert Guardian and Defiant Sourcestones.

Yes these are difficult to get, but I would have no problem with being able to buy trophy version and selling them on the ah for others to enjoy. I own a Guardian one and like most others I know who own either they are unwilling to sell them, mostly due to what it took to get one in the first place.

2. Regulos Statue.

Comes from the CQ of EE. While I didn't get the cq of it I did buy one off a raider for 3k plat but even having spent that wouldn't bother me in the least for it to be a trophy item and sold on the ah for probably a lot less. They will be allowing the infinity gate items to be sold like this, why not the reggy statue?

3. Fishing Items.

Please make it where once you have fished up a item it unlocks on the trophy section and you can then buy it for plat/credits. Its annoying to have to fish for a while to get one item you want and it reward those of us who do fish a ton to be able to sell specify items.

4. Overworld Drops.

Same as fishing please make it once you have gotten a drop off one of the open world mobs it unlocks in the store for you to buy.

5. Emperyal Assault Barrier

Comes from completing 500 strongholds. Would be nice to be able to sell trophy items of this, many people who get it don't want to sell it and I don't blame them.

Prices can be adjusted for the credit and plat costs for the items in question as needed. I for one would just like items to be more widely available once 'unlocked' for my fellow dimsoneers to use in their projects.