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Thread: I sure would like to give you my money for the new items but...

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    Default I sure would like to give you my money for the new items but...

    I CANT BUY THEM. These artifacts are so damn rare, and if you are lucky enough to see them on the ah be prepare to get ripped off. Not only that, the people who did collect the sets are listing the items for 300p+. Dimensions are clearly a cash grab for micro transactions, so why on earth would you require us to complete these pointless artifact sets before we can hand you our money. Please remove these requirements, and if you do have requirements on dimension items DONT make it for a lamp, or floor piece. At least make it someone COOL.
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    Trion should drastically increase the drop rate for the artifact set. I mean, create the new pieces and then tell Dimension-players nah nah you can't have them. That's just extremely mean.

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