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Thread: Dimmension wish we had a paint tool or dye tool

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    Default Dimmension wish we had a paint tool or dye tool

    I was browsing through the various wish lists posted but the one thing I didn't see that I would dearly love is a paint tool. I usually craft my building blocks and use fished up items, it would be great if I could then change their colors. Instead of green backless chairs I could turn them black primary color and white secondary color. Much like we can do with dying clothing or costumes. In fact Apothocaries may actually be able to make some money selling dye's for dimensions if a paint tool isn't possible perhaps we can dye items like armor? Anyone else like the suggestion? Perhaps it is something not to intensive for Trion to implement since they already have it featured with clothing.


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    I totally agree with you. A dye system for dimension items would be really great! I hope it is doable tech-wise

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    I think the primary problem with this, and it isn't unique to Rift, is a general problem with dyeing items that stack. Once the color is changed, the item is no longer identical to others of the same type. You'll notice that armor pieces don't stack and that allows them to avoid this issue.

    In UO, the only other game I've played that let you dye items, none of the furniture stacked, which made for a lot of mess when leveling carpentry.

    I don't think recoloring is the hard part. There are bugs and exploits from one item changing the entire stack which would need to be considered.

    Additionally, dyes would also add more variables to each and every dimension item for the arrays and databases to handle, leading to more problems with stability, storage, and load times.

    I'm not saying its impossible, but I am saying that it would be a lot more work than it seems.

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