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Thread: Dimension feature ideas/requests

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    Default Dimension feature ideas/requests

    First, it would be great to have a sticky topic with the various features that have already been requested and/or stated that the Trion team is working on. Skimming and searching the forums for this is a bit bearish.

    Second, I have a few thoughts on dimension features that would make them more useful; they are at present really just creative canvases with not much functional utility.

    1. Personal Banker -- if this is my 'home' in Rift, I should be able to get to my stuff. Put it in the list for credits, plat or loyalty - but dimensions need a Banker that's always there.

    2. Guild Banker -- same thought; be able to access your guild's vaults from your dimension or the guild dimension.

    3. Crafting tables -- I should be able to access these from my dimension as well. I'd still keep the quest givers where they are in game (Sanctum, Meridian, Tempest) as to keep people going to those cities to play, but it would be excellent to be able to craft in there.

    4. Generic vendor -- to sell greys and other items to. Maybe include unlockable or additional crafting supply vendors.

    5. Auctioneer -- provide the ability to set a static auctioneer in a dimension.

    And a few feature ideas:

    A. Grouping -- allow us to create a permanent grouping of items that would always move together, turn/rotate together, etc. You could build in a 'disband' or 'ungroup' option on the grouping, too.

    B. Sky Projectors and Music boxes -- allow them to have an on/off switch. I'd like to be able to place 3 different Sky projectors in my dimension and turn them on and off. Have this as a permission set or base the interactivity of these on whether a person can edit or pick up in a realm.

    C. Borders on the Map -- it'd be helpful in design to be able to call up a map or view on the mini-map the borders to the dimension.

    The canvas we can play with in here is amazing, but I really do think there needs to be more utility in these personal spaces. Providing people access to their bank, a vendor or the Auction house isn't that game-breaking. Tie it to loyalty rewards or just charge credits for it - the utility factor would guarantee that people get them.

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    Permanent AH, banker, crafting facilities will empty the main cities. Making the game feel abandoned, also if a significant amount of players stay in their personal dimensions it might be a drain on server resources, as each dimension isn't being used as a shared resource.

    I think the usefulness of what you are asking for is great. But there are consequences.

    EQ2's guild housing has this effect I think it even has portals. The consequence is that major city hubs only has newbie players.

    WOW just announced expanded capabilities in their housing mini-game. I'm curious what compromises they made. I think they use phasing for their housing.

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    I agree with Silir. Putting things like personal bankers and auctioneers in our dimensions would make the cities feel empty.

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