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Thread: [Suggestion] Buyable Rooms in Rift Store

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    Default [Suggestion] Buyable Rooms in Rift Store

    Greetings fellow ascended! One more suggestion from me for our beloved dimensions

    In Rift Store there are numerous houses we can buy right now. A good addition would be to add different rooms so we can buy them and place them, instead of building them out of materials. We could "stack" rooms and make some awesome houses that way. You can even add recipes for crafters to make some of them. It would be awesome and would give crafting proffessions more great dimension items to build.

    I love building from scratch (I have built an inn and an arena so far. With item limit not going up in the near future, it would be nice to have rooms with different sizes, textures and different space.

    That way, we could be able to build bigger towns or villages and not be concerned about the item limit. The rooms could be:

    - Square rooms
    - Long rooms
    - Circle Rooms
    - Corridor rooms
    - "Curved" rooms
    - Small but very high rooms (for lighthouses or what not)

    The rooms would be without ceiling. Maybe add rooms without floors also for more variation (to create high rooms when you stack one on another for instance). They could also have windows and doors.

    What do you think?

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    Buyable Rooms in Rift Store

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    It would certainly cut down on a few item slots. And it would be nice for those who don't like to construct basic rooms.

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