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Thread: Dimensions could have been much more useful

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    Default Dimensions could have been much more useful

    I have a bank, but this bank stores no money, instead it stores all my items. it is a storage unit not a bank. I have a home but this home stores none of my items, instead it store props.

    Dimensions could have been so much more, They should have replaced my one dimensional storage aka "banks" with a three dimensional storage space. and it all could if worked largely the same as dimensions work now.

    Image how great it would if been if you would be able to place all the items you've collected tho the years of play rift as 3d items in your player home. that painful deletion of all the relics you collected from the old world and would now have a place to be seen forever in your home.

    All the collectibles epic items, weapons and armor set would now have a place to be shown off indefinitely. crafting grand masters, place those rare diamonds on a stand for all your friends and guild mates to drool over. pets collector wouldn't it be nice to come home and see what pet you place roaming around waiting for you to come home? even mounts should be place able.

    Dimensions should of made banks obsolete and gave all players (not just dimension junkies) a real reason to live in our homes.
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    I would certainly like to see mannequins that we could put gear onto. I have a bunch of old gear in my bank that I keep around because it looks cool or has some sort of sentimental value. It would be nice to show that off.

    Being able to put pets and mounts in there would be cool too but I can understand that being a technical challenge. I mean, the lag can already get pretty bad in some high item count dimensions, especially if there are a lot of animated pieces. Add 20+ pets and mounts derping about and it would probably be unbearable.
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