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Thread: Summerset Isle @ Gelidra, now welcoming visitors :)

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    Default Summerset Isle @ Gelidra, now welcoming visitors :)

    Hello everyone!

    I am happy to welcome you all to my dimension, Summerset Isle, on the Gelidra EU shard

    Summerset Isle @ Gelidra, now welcoming visitors :)-2013-11-10_153359-copy.jpg

    This is my first dimension (not counting the starter one), so it's been a few months in the making.
    The first thing I did was build a house, and since I wasn't aware that I could get wood tiles, the entire
    thing is built plank by plank :P I also didn't discover Toolbox until I was done with it, so it's a bit crooked
    here and there.. But I love how it turned out anyway

    Summerset Isle @ Gelidra, now welcoming visitors :)-house.jpg

    The idea behind my dimension was to make an organic and peaceful island. I wanted
    the house itself to blend into the environment and work together with nature. That's why you will
    see plants and trees growing inside as well as outside.

    Life on the island is mostly self-sustained, with home grown food and freshly caught fish.
    Other produce is brought in by ships, one of which is currently anchored in the bay
    (the ship itself is not a hundred percent complete yet, I have to change up the front a bit)

    Summerset Isle @ Gelidra, now welcoming visitors :)-food.jpg

    I wish you all a pleasurable stay at Summerset Isle!

    Kindest regards,
    Neverstorm - Guardian Cleric - Gelidra EU
    Dimension: Summerset Isle

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    Aww looks adorable, I'll be visiting when the servers get back up : )

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