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Thread: my little home ^^

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    Default my little home ^^

    i an not a good creator , building dimension really need lots of CASH hope i have more fund to build more beautiful ^^ always welcome to MiffyJupiter Skyfall Garden !!!

    Beautiful morning ...

    My bedroom , i love to use a crystal as a light , the red color make me feeling warm ....

    so u can see , i am not rich ^^

    i dont think this is a good kitchen ^^

    R.I.P. .........

    A shooting ground .....

    A road to the hill top ???

    What is over there ??? ^^

    is a small observatory ^^ many players like to have a observatory , mine is very small =0=

    i love to cover all the snow ground by green tree , but ...... money money money ...... =.=

    i believe i can fly , i believe i can touch the sky ^^

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    It all looks lovely and I can tell you put a lot of love into it. I'll be visiting soon.
    Oh and yes! I adore those crystals, too for a nice, warm lighting effect.

    One suggestion, and it doesn't have anything to do with your work. To get a full screenshot without the UI, hit control U twice. That will clear up everything on the screen. Hit it once again to bring everything back. I didn't know that for the longest time. Also viewing dims in that mode is awesome.

    Keep up the great work, have loads of fun!
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    If you don't have a lot of cash, I would suggest digging back to the oldest posts on the forums and examining people's pre-2.3 screenshots. The old items were much more affordable, and I think seeing some older work will help you know what you can do without spending a fortune. I would also suggest taking up fishing, I see you are only level 20, but even the tables and chairs from fishing in Silverwood are a start and don't cost plat, only time.

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    Plus you can craft a number of dimension items using the recipes from the dimension vendor. Much less expensive that way!
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