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Thread: Where did the autumn harvest dim items go?

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    Default Where did the autumn harvest dim items go?

    I realize that the world event section of the store is meant to be temporary, but given that the dim items from last year's Fae Yule are in the story, I thought it was a pretty safe assumption that the new stuff (the spiderwebs, pumpkins with awesome fog effects, skeletons, etc), would get transitioned into the store as well. Or at the very least still be available at the world event vendor.

    Except they didn't. And they aren't. Everything else from the autumn harvest is at the vendor now, EXCEPT the new awesome dim items. What's the deal?
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    I do think that once dim items are made available via world event, that all of them should be avail on the vendor afterwards.
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    I agree. There is no way of knowing which items we'll need in a future project, plus dimension items can be morphed into many other things even if they seem very niche when they come out in an event. Please give us access to event dim items throughout the year, we would really appreciate it!

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    Items from the world events do go up for purchase afterwards, at least from every other event so far. Traditionally though, we may have to wait a patch or two or three before this happens.

    There is too much money to be made from people lacking signets and ambersap for this not to happen. I have faith that good business practices will prevail and we'll see them soon.

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    I agree that they will reappear. I think all of the CotA items have been added to the store although they weren't all immediately available.

    I hope they do. I have no way of knowing what color fog I might need 6 months from now.

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