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Thread: stuff I would like to see

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    Default stuff I would like to see

    Hi everyone,
    So I just recently got into decorating my dimension. I'm hooked to say the least or may be addicted is a better word. =) but the only issue I have is there things I would like to do but I cannot. Because of certain items that are not offered or they might be but I just don't know where to get them. So I will just do a little list of stuff I would like to see.
    I would like to see different roof options. Because it is difficult to make my own house different shapes and sizes. The roof options sometimes just don't fit properly. Also different designs for them so that I can make them match would ever dimension I have.
    I would like to see floors with a space in them. So that I can use stairs to make multiple floors in a house I make. I know this is possible now by getting smaller floor panels. But sometimes what I would like to do makes the roof not fit properly.
    I would like to see different wall designs. Just to make it look more interesting.
    Fire places
    fire pits
    hot coals groundcover
    More options for kitchen and bath stuff. Making some of this stuff interactive
    Making my dimension useful and more interactive
    being able to get items to store extra stuff in
    crafting merchants
    crafting tools I can use
    Gardens that I can plant and pick
    I know this last one is asking a lot. But it would still be sweet

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    Before we had any pre-fab floors or roofs we used stone and wood tiles and planks. Maybe try your hand using those and see what you can do.
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    ok i will try. time to farm artifacts to pay for my dimension addiction!

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    At this stage Dimensions are still very new. I'm confident we will eventually get more options for pre-fab items, but if Trion releases them all at once players will be upset at not getting new things later. Just be patient and more textures and styles will be available in the future, it's how the video game industry works.

    Fishing items were added last spring, 2.3 added items in June, dropped items appeared in September, and Autumn items last week, history bears out that more is coming.

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