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Thread: Halloween Update to O-RP Braigh Mharr Town

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    Default Halloween Update to O-RP Braigh Mharr Town

    One of the main things i love about dimensions bar building them. Is the ability to change them per the season. So with all things spooky coming up for Halloween. The towns had a make over for the next 2 weeks or so for an RP event that started last night and to celebrate halloween.

    I will link a video, but to really get a feel for all the changes. You need to visit the place. There are alot of hidden things dotted about the town that ive not captured in the video (Mainly cause the video was running at the 8 minute mark if i included everything.)

    And like i said, i will put the town back to what it was after Halloween has passed. And then i can start hoarding all the Christmas decorations i need.

    To find it, its on the Argent server (Or Zaviel depending when you see this) under the name
    O-RP Braigh Mharr Town.

    Click the link if too lazy to visit in game http://youtu.be/qYtV8R8e2r8
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    I don't have words to describe how awesome your town is. Bravo for building this fantastic town

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    I lack the words to tell you just how freaking awesome that was, A++++++ mate!
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    Wish I had your decorating talent (and patience). Looks great!

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