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Thread: Vengeful Sky - Collision issues /:

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    Default Vengeful Sky - Collision issues /:

    So. I've been working on my vengeful sky rainforest, and one of the recurring problems is the absolutely crappy collision. I've had to place rocks under an enormous area of the dimension - some of it i understand since i'm building in areas that aren't intended to be accessed in the game-version of the area. On the other hand, some of them are right along the lake, and i end up falling through the ground constantly, or when i'm just climbing the mountain without using anything to reach other areas.

    Is this considered a bug, ie something that's being worked on, or am i to continue fixing it myself? So far i've used probably 60 boulders, rocks, and other items to address it - none of them go towards enhancing my ideas for the dimension, just fixing this rather annoying issue.

    also - since i'm talking about this dimension, is it at all possible to lower the height of the rock platform floating in the sky? I'd love to play around with it, but it's above the sky boundary. Lol. Anyway - hoping this is something thats being addressed, but even knowing eithe rway would be nice sinc ei'm going thru item #s like crazy.

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    I reported this pretty consistently since Dimensions first popped up on the PTS... Still no attention to the massive holes in the ground in Vengeful Sky Dimension. It makes me sad, because the place looks so cool.

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    Oh dear. I've found this a lot from when I was running around planning my forest-side village but assumed it's because I was running on a low graphics setting. I hoped I was just falling through the ground for that issue but it was quite bad.

    Sigh...looks like I'll be putting off that build and focus on the Gloamwood dimension until they (hopefully) fix it.

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