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Thread: Are these items available ingame?

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    Default Are these items available ingame?

    They're typically found in defiant or storm legion areas, but i'd love to be able to use them. Has anyone seen them in game as drops, or from the store? Thanks
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    The large glass tube is a "Stasis Tube" and is crafted using Apothecary skills. Try searching your local AH for them.

    The piece on the lower left with multiple glass domes, I haven't seen since the beta testing of Dimensions on the PTS. It may be in the game live, but I haven't seen it. Which is sad, because it's a lovely item for a lab or just a display piece...

    The large piece on the lower right is the Magitech Capacitor from the Purple Tier of Loyalty rewards. (You can buy more of them from the RIFT Store once you reach that tier of loyalty).

    Not sure about the item in the upper right corner. Can't see it very clearly to tell what it is.

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    I believe the multi-tube item is a level 25 guild quest reward. So you might find it someday on the AH but I'd guess it would be very expensive.
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    yes. like Jaedor said that one is guild won item. the one on the wall I believe it's a loyalty item as well. hope that helps =) most items you can check and find if crafted/fished so on... from the rift fan sites, they seem to have good up to date basses as well of most dimension things so you can look to them at times as well. GL and have fun =D
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