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Thread: Veyn's War Room

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    Default Veyn's War Room

    Hey everyone!

    This is my first Rift Dimension, a constant WIP... so I hope you all like it!

    Shard: Seastone
    Character: Veyn
    Dimension: Veyn's War Room

    My War Room dimension includes the main building where all battle preperations takes place. Off to the left there is a dock for my boat, and to the right a target practice area. A bit further up the path you will find the Prayer Shrine. I often go here to mourn the losses of my fellow comrads. Finally at the top of the path you will find the Shrine of War. I always venture up here before every battle, and ask the gods for a swift victory.

    Veyn's War Room-veyns-war-room-overview.jpgVeyn's War Room-veyns-war-room-entrance.jpgVeyn's War Room-veyns-war-room-target-practice.jpgVeyn's War Room-veyns-war-room.jpgVeyn's War Room-veyns-war-room-sleeping-area.jpgVeyn's War Room-veyns-war-room-war-table.jpgVeyn's War Room-veyns-war-room-boat-dock.jpgVeyn's War Room-veyns-war-room-prayer-shrine.jpgVeyn's War Room-veyns-war-room-shrine-war.jpg
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    Default Where you go

    So what server you on?


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