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Thread: How can we attact visitors to our dims other than spamming chat?

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    Default How can we attact visitors to our dims other than spamming chat?

    I'm just wondering how is the best way to get folks to visit and like your dimensions. I personally go visiting at random, but I rarely have seen others doing the same. I have a few dims that I have invested a great deal of plat, time, heart and soul into but do not see how I can ever get a rank if people don't visit.


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    You can ask friends and guildies to visit and/or run your own alts through and +1 in order to get a spot on the weekly list and from there, others will see it. Most dimensioneers I know take time to tour other dimensions and shards quite regularly.

    They also subscribe to the dimensionaddicts@deepwood channel (for NA shards), where they can ask questions and post about new builds to an audience of fellow dimensioneers. So you have at least a couple options without resorting to spamming chat channels.
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    In addition to what Jaed mentioned, there is also posting pics here as well. Sometimes, the toons that visit might be level 1 and can't vote, but word of mouth will also spread.
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    Advertise it on here to get the ball rolling. That's what I did and once I had a few +'s I found more people would pop in at random. You can also do what a lot do and add your dims to your sig on various forums so that plenty of people see it.
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    one thing that i've found works - at least for me - is to ask in chat if anyones interested in checking out a specific area. Ie i ask for them to try out my spiral leaf stair case and often they'll take a tour of the place. Its probably less overwhelming (and less like a chore) if you ask them to do something more limited, rather than just viewing the entire dimension. I'm also going to post on the forums - i started a thread - whenever i make progress on a certain area of the dim i'm curently working on.

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    I find bribery to be a useful tool. (Yes, seriously.)

    If you'll be in your dimension, offer players a free drink or some food to take away.

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    With the new items dropping you could pop any you find somewhere in your dimension for display.

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    Default Attracting visitors

    I've always thought that if we had a notes area where we could describe our dimension's story that it would make them more interesting to visit -- my alt Zalanna@Faeblight's Kestrel's Cry dimension has a great backstory -- just no place to share it with others unless I happen to be in the dimension at the time. It would also be great to have items that we could place inside our dimensions that allowed customized text/descriptions (yes, this is very reminiscent of The Sims Online -- which made it a lot easier to immerse visitors in the theme of your zone).

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