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Thread: Open Water Dimension

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    Default Open Water Dimension

    What would you think of a dimension that contained nothing more than open water and a skybox (e.g. offshore Ember Isle)?

    I'm actually a little surprised there hasn't been much more talk on this. An open water dimension would serve as an excellent open canvas for dimensioneers. It would make it much easier to handcraft landmasses or use the water surface in many unique ways when surrounded by land or structure.

    I can't imagine it would be time consuming for Trion to implement a dimension that contains nothing more than a skybox, sun/moon, and an infinite water plane with a large dimension border centered on a spawn point.

    Discuss, etc. reasons why/why not, and creative ideas for an open water dimension.

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    This is... actually a really good idea. Granted, most people right now redecorate edge of infinity if they want to compleatly change a dimension, but i think that this is a much better idea. Put a Dormant Core size open water dim, perhaps with one small island (no palm tree, please), and we can does much. However - Hag's Cottage is still number... something... on my dimension wish list.

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