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Thread: Updated the gate

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    Default Updated the gate

    Haven't posted in awhile as my current build has been taking forever. I decided to take the time a lil while back to update my old Stargate to 2.3 items (not the whole place!, just the gate). Sorry for the new thread, just didn't feel like digging all the way back to January or wheneverthehell I made that place lol. Actually *looks* like it's supposed to now. The cap below is a bit distant to so you'll have to zone in to get a close up. With all these items I'll have left over, maybe I'll make a gate network to other dims =p. Cheers.
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    That new gate looks pretty spiffy (so did the old gate, given the materials available at the time).
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    Yes the original gate was spiffing, I have photo's of when I visited......
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    Loved Stargate (especially Atlantis) and love this dim.
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