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    Default Fishing items soulbound instead of bound on account - bug?

    Was this reversed on a past patch or is the game bugged for me?

    I had kept a storage space on my alt's dim while I'm constructing. I can't pick up any fishing items on my main anymore. It was really sudden and started earlier this week.

    My alt, who has never fished up anything, can pick up the items - and the tooltip says they are soulbound to him.

    When my main character, who fished up the items, tries to pick them up from my alt's dim - the game gives me a message saying those items are soulbound and can't be picked up.

    Is this intentional? I can still place NEW fishing items in my alt's dimension and pick them up right away, but I'm scared to leave them there and zone out. What if I can't pick them up again?

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    The fixes for these issues are incoming.

    In the meantime, there's a workaround: Have the character who owns the dimension pick up the items, then log out and log back in again. The items will now be fully unbound.

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    I was having a problem with some items staying soulbound even after picking them up and so on. Seems that if you got an item via the daily quest hand in it remains soulbound. If you pick up the fished version of that same item it will stack with that quest one and stay soulbound until you put it down and pick it up again on it's own.

    So beware the fished items stacking with the quested items making them turn soulbound.
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