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Thread: GrandMaster - Dimension Crafter..

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    Default GrandMaster - Dimension Crafter..

    Trion has been really good to us, To a Point..

    - They gave us dimension's to play with..
    - They even gave us some recipes to make item's that we could use in our dimension's..

    The beginning recipes item's they gave us also gave the people that had a bit of imagination the chance to make some fantastic structure's in people's dimension's..

    Personally I have built up 2 dimensions with some great structure's in them.. All made from the imagination..
    I used some bought item's and the rest crafted gear..

    The advent of F2P meant that they gave us a Ton's of new items' But NOT a Single new Recipe to add to the crafter's skill's..


    I'm not sure of how many other crazy crafter's have gone to the trouble of getting Every Single craft skill on a single char.. I know that I have and in total I think there are a grand total of 60 or so recipes spread among all 11 craft skill's, and maybe less than 15 item's that can be crafted to help in the design of dimension building's..
    So basically what I'm saying is I started off with the basic's on my main Toon..


    I bought the craft upgrade's to get new craft skill's..
    Butcher.. GM
    Rune craft

    The only reward, the fact that My Daily Craft Quest went up from about 6 to about 20 or so.. Forget about the weekly quest count..

    AS a GrandMaster Crafter in All class's you get no Recognition of the time and material spent to level up EVERY Craft SKILL including all Harvest Skill's..

    Off tangent here..

    I'd Love to be able to compare the stuff we do here to what we could of done in a game called SWG..
    In SWG there was a crafter class called Architect..
    They made everything that was used in the House's we had, they even made the house's.. from Small Generic round house, Naboo house's Right up to the massive Guild Hall's..
    You would of had to Played SWG to understand where I'm coming from..

    One of the most important item's that the Architect's made was the harvester's in the game.. I'll not go into the mat's that got harvested in SWG But they gave far GREATER choice's in the stat's of the item's that could be made..Relic Level item's.. from Relic item drop's..
    - The mat's that we harvested in SWG had stat's that helped in how the crafted item's..
    The quality of the mat's had an effect on how the item turned out.. There were NO Generic Crafted item's.. Even the Bike's we road around on had different stat's. [Hit point's]

    The SWG craft system was/is unique to that game alone..

    for example to make a House you had to have
    - X number of panels
    - Storage compartment
    and a few odds and end Plus resources on top of the components..

    The Point I'm trying to make is that the Player's made EVERY thing in the Game.. Even the Costume that you ran around in..[Master Tailor Class]

    You do not have to rely on going to the Store to Buying item's to make your house's.. [Even thou they give you the chance to individualize your house..] wall panel ets[Way expensive..]


    Here's an Idea Trion.. How about you create a New Craft Class ... Say Like a Dimension Architect..

    Who can become a Dimension Architect..

    How do you get the ability to become a Dimension Architect..?

    How about you make it a reward unlock for Getting Every Craft Class in the Game on a Single Character to GRANDMASTER.. Not Account But On a Single Character..
    Will other People be Pissed that they can't craft Dimension Item's Like a Dim Arch.. you bet they will..

    What would they make..Mmm Let's Think on this..

    How about EVERY type of building Block that is Available in the Game..

    Start them off on simple thing's and Build up to higher lvl item's as they level up..
    Give them the chance to get EVERY recipe of EVERY building Block that is available in the game.. at an affordable cost on par with the other craft item's..
    ie use the currency's of
    - Artisan Mark's
    - Master Mark's
    - Grandmaster Mark's.. << Would need to increase the number of Mark's you can stockpile up from what they are at the moment.. 500MM's, 100GM's

    For a Dim.. Crafter you have to make the cost of the recipe's Fair and competitive..
    The Cost of the Materials used NOT ridicules..

    How about also giving them the ability to craft every Dimension Structure that is in the game..

    An example..

    A tavern--

    - 20 wooden plank's
    - 20 wooden panel rectangular
    - 4 greystone rectangulat panels..

    - 4 reagent's [NOT uber expensive]

    combine them to get a Tavern..

    for color's in the tavern in the Augment Slot Drop in a Dye from a Apoth to get the color scheme...

    Another Factor if you ever implement this idea Please DO NOT make the Cost of the Recipe uber expensive and on top of that make sure that the cost of the mat's Are not expensive..

    ie use what we have in the game..
    - give multiple of the item when you craft them[Basic Block's]
    - DO NOT use expensive Reagent's if you have to use them.. [one exception maybe for the major item's Like the Completed building's]

    Does this give you an idea of where I'm coming from..

    You could make this game so much better if you Would just try not to gouge so much money out of the general Player Base's...

    Do I build dimension's yes.. I have 2 main one's.. one of them is the prototype of Balooba pyramid @laethys, had to work out the basis of the design somewhere..

    Balooba's Pyramid is the 3rd or 4th build that we all agree we like..

    If you ever want to talk about my first ever MMo that I played, yes SWG just send a message to Skylair@Laethys

    If you Wish to Pick my brain's on the idea/concept of Dimension Architect..


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    The idea is great.

    For the few toons out there that have leveled every crafting class you do deserve recognition and something special. Something that in the long run will give u compensation for your hard labors
    . There is an old saying from a different type of craft and its very very true.

    "Its the Hope of reward that sweetens labor" ...

    ATM there is NO reward what so ever just a continuous drain on cash.

    This game use to cost about $12 a month less for us long term subscribers. This game is costing many many many times that for your long term committed players.

    ok back to the OP..

    so Sky I would say an easy simple start as an immediate fix.

    I say a a title but also an in game/mail Token that can be cashed in for 1 relic recipe. This would encourage a guild to get more and more toons to achieve this monstrous and expensive achievement but also that guild would have a master craftsman able to make many specific relics.
    Finally those master craftsmen should get a discount on the expensive reagents.

    the mats should be a combination of all crafts and a regent bought from infinity stones. This way toons still have to take part in the game and not just buy it.

    BTW dont give me any crap about crafting a relic item, when Trions developer DEV_Daglar has just sold 4 on every shard , thats about 1/2 million plat...
    If they do ever listen to this post and take advise I hope they do enable you guys are able to make our own dim Keys and expansions. This again if its an area with plenty of stone then more ore, if plenty of forests more lumber.

    There could be water added to the foraging skill,
    Still water pools, fast water polls, stagnant water pools, cascading water these again could be added to making water features, rivers pools waterfalls ect ect for eample a dim key like Dormant core..


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    This post couldn't explain what we needed any better.

    I don't think anything else needs to be said, just need the support to back this amazing idea to bring more continuity to a community that loves to create amazing dimensions.

    I personally have spent 90% of my end game time inside of dimensions building stuff i have never seen anyone attempt before, and unfortunately its quite addicting and has cost me far more then it should, to the point i consider removing the game from my machine and moving on. or waiting for the new future MMO's release with a much better and stronger crafting system and business designs.

    My Dims on Laethys
    - Mars Attacks
    - Nasa Space Station
    - Jaws Attacks!
    - Circus Carnival.

    Take a look and just see how many thousands of building blocks have been used in most of the structures i have built.

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    I like the way the current Professions are and how Dimension items are included into them it keeps Dimensioneers involved in the game and others involved in Dimensions, I've asked the public before for crafting that have ended up coming to see my dimension, it is also good for trading and taking care of your game if you do Dimensions as a side hobby. I don't think it would be a good idea to segregate to the thing you do most in game which is what this thread is asking especially since we have fishing also that drop actual items and now world drops are here.

    Raids have just arrived, new content that adds to future possibility for Dimensions, that crafting to date has been updated to assure stats for this content makes sense to me while we get world drops and PvP gets more ranks & gear. Spreading us all out on the planes of Telara to help with performance issues.

    That being said if such a thing were implemented or it remains as it is all I hope we do see more crafting items in the future especially more building blocks.

    I would kill for copper, gold and silver tiles, poles, cubes etc especially copper like in Carnos Plaza on the roofs possibly made by miners. It would be extraordinary for more exotic flowers, fruit to put on trees by foraging. Maybe those burlap bags or each cloth making different bags for Outfitter or different dishes for the table made by cooking. Perhaps an armorsmith makes actual mannequins or armor for display and a weaponsmith makes weapons or unique forges....the current professions could be utilized in so any ways.

    Oh upload is done yay 2.4! Have an awesome day!
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    I love the idea as one of the few that has all crafts on 1 toon (still have alts crafts as well) it would be nice, 90% of players have some craft skills but only a few really excel with it and get everything for it. for those of us who went to the store to get the extra slots to do all crafts would not be opposed to getting another you could even make it only obtainable though the new trophies for those who are gm in all crafts

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    Trion seems to be adding items to one aspect of the game at a time. 2.3 added the shop, 2.4 added random drops, it will be interesting to see what 2.5 adds. Just one new dimension recipe to each tier of each profession that would be a good start and nearly double what we have now.

    Although, I'm not sure I want Trion to give us more dimension recipes now. At this stage we're seeing hideously expensive, max level recipes, and I can't palate the thought that our new items might all need Coruscating Ethereal Shards. The logical window to see many new crafted dimension items is 3.0 when the skill caps raise again.

    EQ2 also had a crafting profession that made a great deal of furniture, and I would like that, but again 3.0 makes more sense as an opportunity for that addition.

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