Hey all just organized my List from the other thread "Dimension item change wish for 2.4/3.0enjoy

Building blocks
Magma Tiles
Glass Tiles
Crystal Tiles
White Marble
Furnace Vent
Holographic Flooring
Golem scrap flooring
Carved ice flooring
Scarn Scale flooring - better use of scarns hide
Flesh tile
Platinum tiles
Bolted obsidian tile
Dwarven rune inscribed tile
Glacial flooring
Blood Glass tile
Flesh crusted tile
Igneous Tile
Red Marble tile
Blood Marble Tile
Thick Dwarven Metal Tile
Platinum Tile
Ascendant Engraved Tile

Interactable tiles
Crumbling earth tile (Sequencial steps break it placed in interactable category of tiles)
Push Plate
Force Reactive flooring - Stepping on it knocks the player up extremely high into the air and back slightly
Vibrating Tile

Vanity Tiles - Designed for only the richest dimensions!
Orichilum - Crystalline BLue Very high Reflectivity
Ruby Red - Very High Reflectivity
Amethyst - Purple Very High Reflectivity
Diamond - White Extreme reflectivity
Jade - Green Medium Reflectivity
Saphire - Blue High reflectivity
Emerald - green high reflectivity

Carving(New category)
Bleeding Illumination - coats the inscribed rune in a Red glow does not effect space
Noxious Illumination - coats the inscribed rune in a Green glow does not effect space
Crystalline Illumination - coats the inscribed rune in a Blue glow does not effect space
Amethyst Illumination - coats the inscribed rune in a Purple does not effect space
Gold Illumination - coats the inscribed rune in a yellow glow does not effect space
Ghostly Illumination - coats the inscribed rune in a White glow does not effect space

Master Carving Knife - Allows the players to carve runes into items. Inscribeable with Runes (Does not effect Space)
Master Scalpel and Hammer - Allows the player to carve a dimension item into a new shape Once finished the item may be Renamed

Land scaping

New water types
Tar (Possible addition of damage when pvp dimensions are release to create environmental challenges) (Suggested feature: Please make it flammable)
Quicksilver (cross between water and tar shouldn't be hard texturally with occasional green sizzles when an acid bubble popped if you ever played Skyrim boost pack like apocraphya)
Acid (Possible addition of damage when pvp dimensions are release to create environmental challenges)
Magma (Possible addition of damage when pvp dimensions are released to create environmental challenges)
Murky water - No one knows what lurks beneath the murk of the water (Possibility to add hostile plants to the water I.e Swamp beasts that pull the player in and drown them as they walk by)
Poisoned Blood - A Noxious pool of blood poisons enemies who enter heavily afflicting them
Quicksand (Possible Addition of root effects when pvp dimensions are released)
Any type would be welcome as a waterfall, all would be amazing
Glacial water (Falling in this water will leap the player back out temporarily freezing them) Spawns melted ice chunks throughout ice cold clear water.
Water/Acid/Quicksilver Tar puddles
Mead pool/waterfall in honor of Elraar


Interactable Rocks (New Category)

Coral Speckled Rock/Outcrop
Amethyst Speckled Rock/Outcrop
Diamond Speckled rock/outcrop
Jade Rock Speckled/Outcrop
Sapphire Speckled Rock/Outcrop
Igneous Petrusion/pillar
Igneous rock/Outcrop
Flesh Inscribed Rock/outcrop
Volcanic Rock/outcrop

Interactable Rocks (New Category)

Temporal Boulder (Phases from solidity to instability)
Combustible Boulder (Rock that is placed and randomly explodes when stepped on or triggered) Resets after a few seconds.
Crumbling Boulder (randomly breaks when stepped on)
Spiked Boulder (Randomly inflicts bleed damage/cripples when stepped on)

Weather Conditions (New Category)
Ash storm
Acid rain (may add damage to casters and reduce armor) Area Specific Effect
Sandstorm Area Specific
Steamcloud Area Specific
Poison cloud (adds a poisonous green tint to your dimension air) Area Specific
Collapsing earth (sustained cave in weather for cavees i.e ceiling flakes) Area Specific
Volcanic Sparks Area Specific
Rumbling Earth (earthquake possible minor earth damage and random knockdown)
Thunder Generator - Area Specific
Insect Swarm Area Specific
Thunderbird Flock - dimension birds

Wrath Fire Beam - Generates a long Beam of Blood and Fire
Death Fire beam - Generates a long beam of Shadow and Fire
Lighting UI (New Category)
Ambience Extractor - Removes the light from a specific area
Ambience Amplifyer - Increases the Light from a specific area

Flesh Spike
Dwarven arch
Scaled Arch
Ascendant Engraved Arch
Dwarven Rune Crystal
Broken Wooden bridge
Centaur Gate
Thick Dwarven Metal door with Lever
Ascendant Engraved Door
Castle Drawbridge
scaled Door frame


Dwarven rune crystal
Oathsworn Lion Statue
Nightfall Falcon Statue
Dominion Goat statue


Misplaced Pages - A cluster of pages or newspapers placeable over flooring
torture tools
Tar Stained Book
Engraved Crystalline Urn
Gold Coins
Coin Purse

Interactable Landscaping (New category)
Burial urn - Placing Burial urn on the table will cause nearby passing players to break it unleashing a spray of ash
Jump pad - Bounces the Player Diagnolly

New Category - Teleportation
Mysterious door - Teleports you to wherever the 2nd door is placed
Black Hole Generator - Causes a black Hole which snares all players Teleporting them to the other side
Orb of Translocation - Orb Teleports you to a specific area
Devouring Ooze - Placing devouring ooze on a tile will cause the player to fall through it

Star Generator - Places a star generator whicb creates 1-30 stars for every one placed
Ghost Sky Generator - Causes the sky to become white as dream.
Golden Dawn Sky Generator - Causes the Sky to become a sickly gold
Abyssal Sky Generator - Causes your dimension to go completely black Removing all organic lighting sources
Meteor Shower Generator - Causes a Continual Metor Shower in your Dimension
Solar Eclipse Generator - Causes your dimension to have a permanent Solar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse Generator - Causes your dimension to have a permanent Lunar Eclipse
Blood Moon Generator - Causes your dimension to have a Permanent Blood MOon
Flaming Atmosphere - The Atmosphere of your dimension sets ablaze causing it to rain down on your dimension in an apocalypse of Primordial fire
Frozen Atmosphere - Causes the Atmosphere of your dimension to freeze solid encasing your dimension in an immense icy cavern replacing the current area Limit

Interactable Technomagic (New category)
Whizing Gear - Places a Rotating gear in your dimension causing it to move all players on the gear in a circle
Swirving Pylon and Lever - Places a pylon with a lever nearby causing a Bridge -- | -- to rotate and fill the gap when the object is used
Caged Whizzing gears - Places gears in your floor that rotate in a caged area up down and sideways and can be used to build additional technomagic items
Rotational Swirve - Places a Swirve that rotates Interior objects (Wheel of Fortune) causing it to activate a interior room (Moves any object that is placed on its surface)
Leaking pipe - Leaks various materials based on the liquid type placed near it damaging/rooting players etc
Gravity Generator - allows the player to place a gravity generator altering/removing gravity from their dimension

Traps (New Category)
Dwarven Slicer - Places a small gap in the floor that will activate a spining blade when players get near
Battering ram - Places a battering ram on the wall Knocking back all nearby enemies
Hyper Magnification Polish - Places a sheen to increase reflectiveness on a room any spells while cast inside of that room will effect everyone current inside. ST damage is split and divided among all nearby enemies and allies
Ground Spikes - Place a spike on the ground that will randomly stab through the floor
Poison Arrows - Places a poison arrow shooter on the wall that will randomly shoot Poison, Mana Draining, Crippling, Bleed or Paralysis arrows
Arrow Type
Mana Drain
Ceiling Ram - Places a ram on the ceiling which will automatically be triggered when stepping on the corresponding pressure plate
Types of Ceiling Rams
Thronged - Cuts the enemy and knocks them back causing heavy damage over time and crippling them
Spiked - Cuts the enemy and knocks them back slightly causing extremely heavy damage over time and paralyzing them
Heavy - Knocks the enemy back extremely far into distance if distance is limited this effect will instead deal iompact damage 50 feet knockback 15 feet = 35 feet +35% damage
Suspicious Statue - Infusing this with sourcestone will cause a minion to fight for you
Golem Statue
Mechanical Arachne
Statue Of Cyril Kalmar
Various others


Sadistic Flytrap Randomly Begins to cannibalize a player inflicting heavy damage
Demon grass, Occasoinaly whips a player deals damage and snares by 30% for 5s
Devouring Moss Will occasoinaly root the player Inflicting heavy water damage
Fire ant Hive Stepping on the hive will anger a swarm of fire ants causing the player to become devoured and inflict high damage
Sinister Bush - Passing by a sinister bush causes the player to become Disoriented for 1 minute every second there is a small chance that the player will become frozen in terror for 3 seconds "No one knows what happens in the bush"
Angered pumkin, Stepping on an angered pumkin will cause it to run angrily at the player exploding, Inflicts heavy damage and stuns them for 8 seconds

Grasping roots snares the player for 3 seconds
Whipping Roots Causes the player to bleed 10% health over 5 seconds
Lashing roots causes the player to bleed for 1% health every second for 3 seconds and receive 10% less healing for 15 seconds
Sadistic Oak - grabs the player rooting them until the branch is broken (Low health)
Devouring Oak - Grabs the player and eats them causing them to suffer 3% health while in the trees stomach (low health easily broken out)
Loving Oak - Will randomly hug the player rooting them for 8 seconds can be broken free but will gain a debuff called tree killer reducing healing output by 25% for 30 seconds

Technomagic Interactable Weapons (New Category)
Dwarven Spear gun - Launches a harpoon crippling all nearvy and dealing heavy damage
Dwarven Cannon - Shoots a Heavy Cannonball inflcting heavy damage and knocking all nearby enemies extremely far
Dwarven Mortar Cannon - Shoots explosive shells Dealing Normal damage knocking them back slightly but inflicts heavy damage over time and sets nearby tar on fire
Ascended Portal Generator - Shoots a Sequence of two portals if either one hits the enemy they will be teleported through the other portal (Item only Available to Dimension Creator)

Sound Effects
Sound Generator - Chirping birds
Sound Generator - Raging Thunder
Sound Generator - Scorching Steam
Sound Generator - Blazing oil
Sound Generator - Crackling Fire
Sound Generator - Waves
Sound Generator - Erupting Volcano

please leave feedback if you like, hoping to get attention so some of this will be implemented in the future.