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Thread: Architecture Planning?

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    Default Architecture Planning?

    Hello everyone. I have 7 dimensions activated and hardly anything in them but my Moonshade Pools dimension. I get overwhelmed with the planning of a dimension and sorting through the hundreds of items in my inventory.

    Do you guys sketch a plan or style of buildings you want to include in your dimension?
    What are a few tricks for dealing with all of the dimension items?

    Thank you in advance!
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    I'm in almost the same boat as you... my hubby and I have matching shirts that say "I never finish anyth" and that definitely applies to my dimensions. The thing I've found that works for me is entering in a contest or having some similar deadline. I've completed two dimensions this way... although one is already being reworked lol. Whether it's graph paper or a website that helps you plan what you want to do, keep looking for that thing that motivates you to get it done!

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    Sometimes I make rough (very rough) sketches. Usually, I start with a loose idea of a theme that will usually change about half a dozen times, then begin flipping through Google Images. Once I pick a style, I generally keep that image (or images) open throughout the build.

    Having a deadline, like contest entries, is helpful for speeding the building process, but doesn't really do much for me creatively. Building for someone else, when given a bit of freedom in what you choose to build, can also spur creativity because you're trying to come up with ideas another person (or an entire guild) will enjoy, and sometimes their feedback isn't the most thorough.

    As far as planning goes, try breaking your dimensions into smaller segments within your overall theme. Separate out your landscaping stuff, your decorative items, and your structural blocks until you have need of them, then they won't be overflowing your bags. Out of sight, out of mind is sometimes a true and useful adage, and bags that you aren't sifting through for the one tree that you need right now can be a lot less overwhelming.

    I hope you get some helpful answers here, and happy building.
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    I start with a rough idea and then just let the ideas come to me as I build. As for dealing with all the items, I have a dim solely for storage where I can group like items together and generally find things easily.

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    honestly I never know what I'm gonna do completely with a dim until I enter it personaly and it's a "blank slate". and even then I've gotten half way thru a build and wiped it clean because I didn't feel it. if the build doesn't feel right to you chances are it will show in your work and no one else will feel it. bascially wander around get a basic idea of what you want to do with the entire space in general. IE the theme. then just stock up on items that fit that theme. and start building. if you know you're gonna put a building in a specific spot lay the base floor in that spot and work the environment around it and out to create the feel you want to give people before they enter.

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