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Thread: Porting into dimensions broken?

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    Default Porting into dimensions broken?

    Link to suggestions thread. I mentioned it before but it is still broke and I really miss being able to port in and land on objects or in houses rather than fall thru them.


    Hit up the thread if you would like it fixed too.

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    Maybe helps to spell a Rift Directors name right *chuckles*, is def an issue though for sure noting it in my Shoreward Island which was the first dimension I ever bought in November 2012, when rebuilding in it last month.
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    I don't have this problem in my shoreward island, but I DO have it in my Faen's Retreat. Maybe it has to do with the distance from the ground the item you are landing on is. Or maybe it is because items slowly spawn in now that people have purchased more space.

    I'd love the ability to place something under my feet and land on top of it instead of inside it or worse, under it and now you've falling through the world

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