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Thread: Mocking-up dimensions outside RIFT

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    Default Mocking-up dimensions outside RIFT

    Does anyone else model dimensions outside RIFT in a program like Google SketchUp or Blender?

    I like doing this because I can get a better overview of the space I have to work with. I can also model things in larger chunks before deciding how I might break them down into something I can create in the game.

    This has made purchasing dimension items much easier for me, because I have a better idea what I'll need going into a build.

    I haven't attempted to recreate the actual world objects in the dimensions, due to their complexity. But I do block out their rough shapes, the terrain, and the enclosing green walls.

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    I know people who use a multitude of things, for me I don't. I typically just decide on an idea and sorta build it in my head first until I have a solid plan. It works for me most of the time but more than once I've been a quarter the way into a project before doing a big change.

    I may look into one of those programs just to sate my curiosity though!
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    I usually start out with a rough idea of the overall look and feel of the dimension, and then let ideas come to me as I build. There really isn't a whole lot of forethought in the process. About the only previs I do is using the old, cheap building blocks in place of their more expensive counterparts when testing out something. That way I only end up buying what I need (unless another idea hits me in the middle of that one and I go off in another direction... which tends to happen a LOT ).

    I think the closest I ever came to having an actual game plan was during the WoW build. I ended up with hundreds of screenshots from every angle I could think of to make sure I was getting it as close as possible.

    I guess the overall message I'm trying to convey is: "Subject to change without notice" is a valid warning when I'm building.

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    I've made rough (very rough, because I can't draw a straight line) sketches of ideas to get a general idea of how I want things to look, and I reference a lot of pictures when making things based off real life buildings or things, but I've never used any external application to map out my dimensions because I generally don't put that much planning into them. You have a good idea, though, and if it works for your style of building, then all to the good!
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    I haven't done this before as the items themselves & the light mold my Dims. I would perhaps if building with others though I didn't last time and have seen some pretty in-depth plans especially by Hecateria & Rubeyrose. I'll chat to them next time I see them online to remember exactly what they used.

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    I've never used anything outside the game except for reference photos if I'm unsure of how something looks, or looking for new styles.

    It's a pretty intriguing idea though. If I knew how to use those programs, I'd probably play around with it. Although, then I probably wouldn't play Rift as much, because I'd get sucked into just creating stuff in those programs ;)

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