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Thread: Dimension item suggestion: Artifact chest/bank

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    Default Dimension item suggestion: Artifact chest/bank

    Being an artifact collector I tend to do long grinding runs in a zone just to get the last few artifacts I need to complete everything (5 hours in a row is quite common for my playstyle).
    However, I end up with hundreds of spare artifacts i don't need that way. After selling the few ones that are worth something i still have hundreds left.
    I tried giving them to friends, but after 12 mails with only 6 artifacts i get locked out of mailing for a few minutes, which is a pain and a bloody nuisance if you need to send 20-30 mails.
    Linking them in chat doesn't work well either, since you can only link 3 at a time and you end up spamming the hell out of chat.
    Doing it via trade results is nearly the same nuisance as mailing, but without the mail lock and both players need to spend quite some time to rummage thru everything.
    I also tend to spam our guildbank with artis, yet there's just so little room to work with that i need to camp the GB just to refill at every opportunity or have my bags filled with artis for the remainder of the day.
    I even made a bankalt for the spares, yet even that isn't enough room for me (not to mention the mail problem).
    Currently my mailboxes have hundreds of artifacts that have no good home and I have to keep juggling them back and forth before the mails expire, which would make me a sad panda as I hate wasting resources.

    So here's my suggestion:

    Some sort of chest or bank item you can place in your dimension solely for artifacts, where visitors can check the contents and if given the rights, take what they need!

    Dark Age of Camelot has similar chestsfor their housing thing, but usable for every item, and that game is kinda ancient already so it shouldn't be that much of a deal to implement these days, right?

    I hope the devs read this and give it a thought as it would make hunting artifacts much more fun! And for everyone else, please leave a comment and give your 2 cents about this idea!


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    LOTRO offers storage chests in their housing, and their housing is quite rudimentary. Permissions can be set for each vault. Trion, having a far more advanced and flexible housing system, should include this. It might even encourage people to have an interest in dimensions that might not otherwise. I am positive any added functionality to dimensions would be quite welcome by all players.
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    Their housing may be rudimentary, but you can still make quite a impression with a few right items. Personally, i think that Trion should take a look at LOTRO's player housing, as it has a few aspects i would like to see in dimensions, although i agree that dimensions are in almost all ways superior. Nobody can argue against putting a Inn-Legue-esque keg in a dimension.

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