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Thread: [My 1st Dimension] <The Stone Priest's Secrets>

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    Default [My 1st Dimension] <The Stone Priest's Secrets>

    Now open on Faeblight, The Stone Priest's Secrets.

    Come wander the hillside of Moonshade Highlands. Come see how the last Priest of a defeated army sacrificed himself in order to keep the evil at bay!

    Come enjoy the horses in the open plain, the already in mid-battle Chess game! Can you guess Black's next move to lead to a sadistic victory over their despised opponent? Here's a hint: Black is Tarrasch -vs- Nimzowitsch.

    Come relax near the waterfall... If you can.

    WARNING: As time passes, the Priest's Orb is being consumed and the Monsters are becoming free!

    LOTS OF SECRET AREAS: accessible only by using your jumping skills and your wits to find them.

    Improved Jumping Areas "Just For Fun" for Jete's Bouncemaster 5000 Owners! I cannot hide stuff from ya, so I encourage you to just jump over it all!!! Arrows added to help you find all those big jumps!

    I can taxi if you like just shoot Meph@Faeblight a tell.

    *Disclaimer: About 99% of all my mats were from the Dimension Item Mystery Boxes, so you will not see a lot of expensive walls and such here. This Is not the Taj Mahal, but I enjoyed making all of it. Enjoy and Hope to see you there!

    Honest Feedback is very much desired. While I do know I am an amateur, I'd still like to improve on all areas including things like: How to make the place feel warm, how to color code, how much is enough and so on. I think I am more of a critic than I am a builder )
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    This sounds intriguing...

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